Connection Creates A Team

Why Your Company Needs a Retreat

reduce stress Create Growth

Boost Morale Healthy Culture

Increase Loyalty & Revenue

Forge Strong Bonds

With so many now working from home, employees do not have time to bond with one another. A retreat will reconnect your team, and allow other people who do not regularly interact to share ideas. Retreats forge strong bonds that improve work output, increase cooperation on projects, and will reduce turnover. Imagine breakout meetings in the sand, or on our ocean view patio. Socializing and reconnecting at a “Fire-side Chat” around one of our fire pits. You can use one of our Activities Package to get your meeting moving or host team building activities on the beach, or around our beautiful beach town.

Give Everyone a Chance to Connect and Reflect


Any type of meeting in mind, now is the time.


We offer a beautifully updated and smart conference room.


Choose any package, activity or customize an itinerary.