Strengthen Business Connections

The Power of a Conference

Conferences expand interest, engagement and loyalty for your company. They are affordable, a smart investment, and a powerful strategy to increase your company’s revenue. Think of the momentum you could build, information relayed, time saved, and clients and contacts made! We can accommodate up to 100 people on-site in our brand new conference room, the connected ocean view patio, and an additional 10 patrons in our meeting room. We also have our Partners’ nearby with facilities that can hold 150-500+ while you stay with us on the beach. You can even create Custom Packages for your guests, clients and employees.

Connection Creates Loyalty

Sales Conferences

A sales conference allows for clients to have a more personal connection to your company, experience the product, and the people behind the business. Bringing clients together provides an opportunity at an engaged message on a more personal level. This builds relationships and clients for life.

Expos & Networking Conferences

These types of conferences bring industry leaders together. Schedule special guest speakers, panel discussions, vendor booths, and presentations.! Networking builds long-term relationships. Your next expo or networking event will allow you to meet new people who can help grow your business.

Employee Conferences

Employee conferences similar to company retreats can be very beneficial. The people within your business are the most underrated advertising and sales tools. Bringing them together allows you to inform your entire team at once, improve the corporate culture, set goals and address problems together. It is a great method to grow employee engagement, training, and reduce turnover. “Connection Creates Loyalty.”

We Can Also Host Weddings, Specialty Events, Banquets, Awards, Contests & Shows

Meeting Spaces

Conference Room

We offer a beautifully updated and smart conference room with presentation technology, including a large viewing screen, multi-platform projector, and a 70 inch TV. The 100 person occupancy comes with our new tables and chairs to seat every guest, and patio access. Food and drink services are also available. This room can also be split into two equal rooms each holding up to 50 guests.

Boardroom Room

Our smaller meeting room across the hall from the conference room holds up to 10 people and is equipped with a 70 inch smart TV for presentations.

Our Lobby

Our lobby hosts multiple meeting spaces including our bar area. perfect for breakout meets, and networking with a view.

Our Oceanfront Patio

Our oceanfront patio area offers the sound of the waves, sunshine, stars and two fire pits.

We can even create your meeting space right on the beach!